Traditional Drop arm / Slide arm

Drop arm or slide arm awnings are ideal where you do not have enough room above your window/doorway for a retractable folding arm awning, windows requiring a much greater area of shade or small windows.  When fully extended, a drop arm acts like an open ended French Wedge awning, providing a low incline (adjustable to your requirements) and a greater branding area with the additional benefit of being retractable.


They are well suited for commercial properties where branding is required, allowing businesses to capture the attention of potential customers and create more presence.


A standard drop arm or slide arm is made from aluminium and we also offer a Traditional Drop arm or Traditional slide arm (also known as Autolift or Victorian Shopblind) made from Softwood - Scandinavian Redwood, FSC Accredited Timber & Pressure Treated.


These blinds are typically operated by a winding handle linked to a gearbox fitted at one end of the blind or by an electric motor.


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