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Mauds, Crema

Awnings and Café Barriers

Embrace the Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality at Crema Lisburn with Our Exquisite Awnings and Café Barriers

Step into the delightful ambiance of Crema, Lisburn, enhanced by the addition of our meticulously crafted awnings and café barriers. These captivating features not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provide functional elements that create a pleasant outdoor experience for customers.

Our custom-designed Crema awnings, carefully curated to match the elegance of the establishment, offer a touch of sophistication while ensuring optimal shading and protection from the elements. Imbued with superior craftsmanship, these awnings seamlessly integrate with the architecture, complementing the overall charm of the venue.

To further enhance the outdoor area, our premium Mauds café barriers take center stage, meticulously designed to maintain a welcoming atmosphere while providing a clear distinction between the vibrant Crema setting and the bustling sidewalk. These exceptional barriers, thoughtfully equipped with wall brackets, offer a touch of privacy without compromising the open and inviting nature of the space.

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At Jesse Blinds & Shutters, we pride ourselves on collaborating with establishments like Crema to bring their vision to life. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products ensures that your outdoor space not only attracts attention but also exudes a unique ambiance that leaves a lasting impression on your valued patrons. Discover the harmonious fusion of beauty and functionality with our Crema and Mauds awnings and café barriers, showcasing our dedication to enhancing outdoor experiences.